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Amanda Byers
Aquatics/Learn-to-Swim Coordinator
(575) 393-6925

Swim Lessons

Parent participation required
0-3 years

Participants learn how to:
  • Blow bubbles
  • Float
  • Use a life jacket
  • Get comfortable in the water with an adult
  • Basic water rules
Parents will also learn
  • Basic water rules
  • Importance of CPR, first aid, and life jackets
  • Child's limitations
  • Sun safety

Preschool levels
3-5 years

Participants learn how to:
  • be safe in and around water
  • begin on the fundamental swimming skills
Skills learned:
  • flutter kicking
  • front and back floats
  • front crawl arm motions
1 - Supported
At this stage, participants learn the safety critical skills that will help them in case they were to fall into a body of water with the help of an instructor.

2 - Assisted
During this stage, participants learn how to control their movement in water with assistance from the instructor. Participants will build on and refine the safety critical skills learned in Ripples 1.

3 - Unassisted
During this stage, participants learn how to control their movement in water unassisted. Participants will build on and refine the safety critical skills learned in Ripples 2.

Youth levels
6-12 years

Participants will:
  • build on previous water safety and swimming skills
  • begin on the fundamentals of different strokes
Skills learned and refined:
  • flutter kicks
  • unassisted front and back floats
  • introduction to backstroke and freestyle
1 - Supported
This stage builds on previous water safety skills and lays the foundation for participants to begin learning the building blocks of swimming with the help of an instructor.
2 - Assisted
During this stage, students work on body position, control, and movement in the water while continuously incorporating safety skills with assistance from the instructor.
3 - Unassigned
Participants learn how to use their safety critical skills for a longer distance while learning more fundamentals of swimming unassisted.

Stroke Development
6-12 years

Participants learn how to:
  • refine and perfect their strokes
Skills learned:
  • freestyle
  • backstroke
  • treading water
  • breaststroke
1 - Stroke Improvement
Stroke improvement Participants develop proper stroke technique in front and back crawl, as well as being introduced to butterfly and breaststroke. Participants will learn safety skills, how to call for help, and emergency recognition.

2 - Stroke Logistics
Participants refine their technique on all strokes and continue to place an emphasis on safety skills. Participants will need to be proficient on their safety skills and will learn basic first aid and CPR.

Swim Lessons

The first day of lessons will be assessment day. We will assess the child to make sure they are in the appropriate swim lesson. If we happen to close on a day there are lessons make up day will be that Friday. This year swim lesson will run for 8 days. Monday through Thursday one week and Monday through Thursday the following week. At the end of every session we will hand out a certificate if the child levels up to the next class. If not, we will recommend that they stay in the class for the following session. * All evening class time subject to change if classes do not fill.

More info coming soon!


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The CORE proudly offers a variety of uses for this aquatics leisure space. Not only does it have two 40 ft. tall water slides and interactive play features throughout for children, but it also has multiple interesting and usable features for adults. The large spa will be available to those 13-years-old and over. Some activities being considered for the various ages of SPLASH users are: walking against the current in the lazy river, learn to swim programming, and so much more.

  • Timing device in body slide to record fastest times and times to beat
  • Two 40 ft. tall water slides, one body slide and one tube slide
  • Lights and music inside the body slide
  • Lights and music for nighttime entertainment throughout SPLASH wing
  • 40 ft. wide area of "zero depth", beach access pool
  • 150 ft lazy river; 35 laps = 1 mile
  • Multiple play features including vortex, geysers, rain clouds, depth charges, and more
  • Spa
  • Three private cabanas
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Not only will there be competitive swimming and diving programming in the state-of-the-art competition pool, but also other fun elements such as inner-tube water polo, dive-in movies, and inflatable obstacle courses.

This pool is also the new home of the Hobbs Eagles Swimming and Diving team, which means they will practice and host home meets at the CORE, as well.

  • 25-meter x 25-yard, 10 lane competition pool
  • 4'4" depth to 13'6" depth
  • Two 3-meter diving boards
  • Two 1-meter diving boards
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This will be a highly utilized, unique space for those looking for therapeutic warm water. This pool will include rehabilitation and therapeutic programming. Not only is there plenty of space to have classes in this pool, but there is also a section that has underwater seating for those needing a short break, or just to continue their exercise or therapy from a seated position. Must be 18 or older to utilize this pool area.

  • 3'6" shallow end
  • 5' deep end
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